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Hotels and Homes

Many insect pests are found inside with Bed Bugs, Moths and Booklice, being the most likely invaders that can be safely treated using heat.

Domestic Houses can be heat treated using a combination of 10 kw Electric and or Indirect Diesel fired units. Treatments can be successfully carried out against Bed Bugs, Moths, Psocids, Plaster Beetles, etc. It is important to ensure that the rooms being treated are prepared and de-cluttered to ensure proper heat penetration.

A detailed survey, clear instructions on any remedial action prior to commencement and clarification of items to be removed, or indeed not removed will aid a successful treatment.

Bed bugs need us to survive and although they do hitch hike around the globe they generally just try to stay close to us. Bed bugs are like a bad friend that you can’t get rid of and always takes without giving anything in return.

Hotel rooms are regularly identified as having bed bug infestations, this is partly due to the variety of visitor type and the origins of the Clients, the transport networks that Clients may use to arrive at hotels and sometimes due to changes in cleaning protocols such as changing bed valances and fixed head boards, with bed bugs being missed during visual inspections by staff.

Hotel rooms vary in size and construction therefore treatments are not all the same, having said that with minimal clutter they are one of the easier treatments that you will carry out and you should be able to get heat soak.

One critical part is to access the rooms around the suspected room to ensure that the infestation hasn’t spread to adjacent rooms.

If there is parking and the rooms are below the 7th floor the Thermo Electric system is ideal being clean efficient and effective in rooms up to 24 square metres.

Where access is an issue, so long as there is an external point to exhaust to, our smaller Indirect Diesel Fired unit may be a suitable choice. The Clean hot air system will quickly reach the required temperature and by constantly monitoring and adjusting the treatment you can ensure heat penetration and absorption to give you confidence in a successful treatment.

Clients need to allow access so that a detailed survey can be completed. During the inspection process you can also assess the best treatment equipment and work out your method of application including a risk assessment with regard to cable runs, vehicle parking, venting, local power supplies, welfare of other occupants, etc. A good survey will ensure that you can quickly get the treatment process going and that the Client is aware of any action that they need to be aware of or take prior to the works.

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